Oleg Vydra has over 20 years experience creating and managing projects around the world: 5 Years International Trade; 5 Years Stock-Market Licensed Day-Trader; 5 Years Real Estate Sales & Construction Development; and 5 Years Building, Launching, Running 5 Yoga studios in the US and 2 in Europe.
Marie Acain has 10 years experience as an Architectural & Interior Designer, Certified Bikram Yoga & ZFlow (Power Yoga) Instructor, Certified Pilates and Fitness Instructor, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Advocate and so much more. Marie also has 5 years building, launching, and running 4 premiere high-tech yoga/fitness-facilities in Las Vegas.

Oleg Vydra & Marie Acain have the knowledge, experience, and fortitude to see this project through … from beginning to completion!